Yale Law School deprives 1L group of Amy Chua for repeat offenders


Cai Aimei (Time magazine by Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images)

Tiger mother Amy Chua learned at school that she had Continue to host students at her home for dinnerViolated the agreement she reached with the school in 2019. When Yale Law School found out an internal investigation “Sexual harassment patterns of several students. “

As part of the investigation, Ms. Cai agreed last year not to teach any required courses, faces unknown, “significant” financial penalties, and does not hold any position on the clerk committee where she has been a leading position.I don’t know what kind of role she might play Casual comments suggest that Brett Kavanaugh hired clerks for lewd reasons At the same time sum up these exact staff to him, Exaggerate his career.

But according to the “Yale Daily” report, she made another concession in the agreement:

The letter also stated that Mr. Cai also agreed to “proactively” stop drinking alcohol with students and socialize with them outside of school and work hours.

I guess that the perspective of “taking her own initiative” is implying that this is a non-binding gratuitous promise, because this is obviously the way Mr. Cai has been dealing with it.

On March 26, a number of law students met with the management of the law school to discuss the appointment of Mr. Cai to lead a group. The students said at the meeting that Mr. Cai continued to invite current law students to her and Rubenfield’s home for a dinner-although according to Gecken’s letter, he agreed in 2019 to stop drinking and socializing with students in all extracurricular settings.

After the meeting, a student submitted a written affidavit to the principal of the law school, detailing the accusation that Mr. Tsai had hosted law school students at his home several times this semester, and recorded that they and others admitted that they had been to Cai Communication between law students of the Law School. family. The news has reviewed these communications and has been confirmed by the law school administrators, who refused to comment on these communications or allegations, and instead forwarded the news to Gecken’s statement.

For contrarians there, they will inevitably argue that there should be no problems with the professor’s socializing with their group, and this is part of the mentor relationship until the students socialize in the social network, which is very May be correct. Both professors were punished to varying degrees for “a form of sexual harassment.”If you are the kind of person who aspires to be more united between professors and students, then you should not defend Chua and Rubenfeld, then you should recognize This one This is why we cannot have beautiful things.

A recent law school graduate told The News that she witnessed Tsai and Rubinfeld “deliberately” treating students’ appearance, personal relationships and other topics at the dinner she attended.

The fresh graduate said in an interview with the “News”: “From the beginning of this kind of behavior, I personally know that this kind of behavior is not always welcome, and it is not a good thing.” “They claim to be provocateurs, but in reality they are just bullies. But if you want Cai’s help-and she often touts how much help she can provide to marginalized students-you can follow her rules.”

Based on all the research results of Chua and Rubenfeld, these will not surprise anyone. According to reports, they have exerted influence in New Haven with the goal of permanently living in the out-of-control 3L queen bee. The “Yale Daily” pointed out that they have also received multiple emails from students who support Chua, but this is the purpose of running the “Despicable Girls” group: there will always be a bunch of Gretchens. Tsai is known for writing a book that boils down to “I see nurturing as a social experiment that reinforces my self.” How will any settlement agreement be consolidated? It was doomed from the beginning. The only way to prevent these two factors is actually to remove them from the situation.

Short-term work stoppages and side agreements can never complete the work.

Law professor Amy Chua lost a small number of people due to suspected political party and disorderly conduct [Yale Daily News]

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