The New York Times: Gates seeks a package of pardons that will cover up the indiscretion behind the scenes


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“President Trump should pardon Michael Flynn, he should pardon the Thanksgiving turkey, he should pardon everyone, including administrative officials, and if necessary, should pardon Joe Exotic,” Rep. Matt Gates ( Matt Gaetz) Tell fox In November, when he trumpeted the “massacre” of the “radical left,” he would oust anyone who supported the next president.

This is different in light of frantic reports last week about federal investigators’ frantic investigations into possible underage sex trafficking by Florida lawmakers.right now New York Times According to reports, in the last few weeks of the Trump administration, Gates “privately asked the White House to provide a comprehensive preemptive pardon for himself and unidentified congressional allies to avoid any crimes they might commit.”

In retrospect, he might wish he didn’t Tweet Any future scandals about him should be called “Gatesgate”.

“Former Congressman Matt Gaetz never asked for my pardon,” the former president said in a forged tweet this morning. “It must also be remembered that he totally denied the allegations against him.”

Although the Times said that Gates approached the “White House,” the staff rejected the idea, thinking it was setting a “bad precedent”-it’s not the same thing.

Although this story points out that “it’s not clear whether Mr. Gates or the White House knew at the time” Gates was the subject of the FBI’s investigation into possible underage sex trafficking, but Gates’ winger, Joel Greenberg, was the first. Indicted in June, So it is certain that members of Congress believed that the water level was rising by December when the pardon negotiations were reportedly conducted.

As for Greenberg political There is another wild word to the former Seminole County tax collector, Proud owner OrlandoSugarDaddy-dot-com domain name registration.Greenberg is currently staring at a 33-digit number indictment in order to Among others Identity theft, wire fraud, stalking, bribery of public officials, theft of government property, and sexual transactions by minors.

Politico reported that there were rumors that Greenberg was talking to the FBI about his former friend. If so, he might tell a story. And he is not the only one.

Three of Greenberg’s friends (including a friend who testified before the federal grand jury’s investigation of Greenberg) told POLITICO that they personally heard him brag about his relationship with the then 17-year-old girl in 2017. They Claim that they continue to engage in pornographic work.

She did not return multiple emails to Politico on her mobile phone or social media accounts.

Greenberg’s friend said that he met the woman on “finding arrangements.” Gaetz will not discuss the details of the case, but denies that he had ever had sexual relations with the victim or any minor on the website.

As a minor, this woman obviously cannot agree, and her identity should be shielded as a victim of a sexual crime. However, if every reporter in Washington, DC and Florida knew her name, then the chances of this secret would be basically zero.

Considering the recommendations of The Times, this is something to consider. “Some Trump associates speculate that Mr. Gates’ request for a collective pardon is an attempt to disguise his potential criminal exposure.” If he is with half of the Republican Party The core team went hand in hand, and no one seemed to notice his minor sexual crimes.

Remember that President Clinton’s forgiveness of Mark Rich was the biggest scandal in history? Times have changed.

Matt Gaetz, who has been loyal to Trump for many years, seeks pardon [NYT]
Congressman and his winger [Politico]

Elizabeth Dye She lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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