The Delaware judge invoked Linwood’s “toxic stew” and dismissed him from the Carter Page lawsuit


Judge Craig A. Karlsnitz of the Delaware Superior Court wrote: “I admit that I preside over a small part of the legal profession in a small state.” “But we are proud of our bar.”

in a opinion Revoke Vice Judge Karnitz, who accepted the defamation lawyer Lin Wood, described the lawyer’s participation in the lawsuit to overthrow Joe Biden’s victory in the election as “malicious dad, variability and surprising incompetence.”

This is another achievement for the conceited defamation lawyer, who managed to be guided from Twitter and then Review A “parley” proposed by Parler (RIP), a well-known anti-censorship platform, demanded that Vice President Pence be executed for treason by expelling the team.

In August, the court represented a fellow of Woody and accepted Wood’s motion in a jury lawsuit against the unreasonable litigant Carter Page. news. Since then, Wood’s behavior has become increasingly unstable. Recently, he tweeted an allegation involving the rape of children against Chief Justice Roberts, and according to his former partner, he suffered illusions because he might be the reincarnation of Jesus.

He speculated: “I may actually be Christ returning for the second time in the form of an imperfect man, raising Christ’s consciousness.” According to the lawsuit Mentioned by his former partner.

But Wood was not abandoned by the Page case because “I represent Moses. I represent the believer Anianis. I am like the power of King David.” Or if he is, then those biblical figures do need to strengthen their civil D.

In fact, he is turning on The reason why I jumped out of the blue hen house is because the lawyer’s business in the so-called “Kraken” case is shoddy. Judge Casnitz cited the “expert witness full of false affidavits” in the Georgia lawsuit and pointed out that “Mr. Wood’s experienced lawyer knew that expert testimony must be reviewed in detail to ensure accuracy before submission. Don’t do this. It’s either false or incompetent.”

For Wood’s defense, these were just “proofreading errors”, and the judge mocked: “Failure to prove the injunction or even failing to provide proof of services to the defendant is not a’proofreading error’. This complaint will not be included in the civil litigation course of law school Spared.”

Judge Casnitz concluded: “Before the pandemic, I watched everyday lawyers act in front of me with a civilized and ethical vision, in order to relentlessly promote the interests of their clients.” “If I allow them to do so. Will humiliate them Vice To stand. “

In another strange news cycle of Wood, Wall Street Journal It was reported today that the lawyer lost with his former client Steve Wynn, who was a casino tycoon, better than another former client Richard Jewell.

Jewell was falsely accused of being an Olympic Park bomber in 1996 and has died since 2007. However, Wood believes that Jewell has changed his life, and he has been working to obtain the Jewell Medal of Freedom after his death from President Trump. Wood claimed that when Wynn described him as a lunatic in a conversation with the president, this effort was torpedoed and is now threatening to sue for defamation.

But wait, there is more!

Mr. Wood accused his former client of belittling Mr. Trump’s identity and destroying Mr. Jewell’s medal. He said that he has asked Wynn to demand millions of dollars in damages for reputation from the president, and suggested that if the two parties cannot reach a settlement, the secret settlement he negotiated for Wynn may become public knowledge.

Mr. Wood said in an interview that he warned Mr. Wynn’s lawyers that his legal work for Mr. Wynn would be fair in a defamation lawsuit.

When talking about the news to Wynn, Wood said: “I will do my best to defend myself.” He added that it would not be “pretty.”

The threat of disclosing confidential customer information in a defamation lawsuit is… An action.

Are we 100% sure that it is not 2020 yet? Maybe we can ask Judge Karsnitz to revoke Lin Wood’s recognition of the 2021 news cycle, and soon someone will be admitted in Delaware to draft a bill!

Steve Wynn and lawyer Lin Wood, with Trump, broke the chaos [WSJ]

Elizabeth Dye She lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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