The Dean of Donald Trump Peggs School of Law is the source of Dinbart’s “Penny Can Overthrow the Election” theory


There were no incidents that triggered the attack on the Capitol last week, but one of the more important road signs is the widespread spread of the spread-style theory of scams, that the vice president of the United States exercises hidden constitutional powers and simply ignores the electoral college votes. This is an authoritative measure, and if it exists, it is assumed that John Adams wants to know. las, it does not exist.

So how did this stupid thing enter the right-wing ether? Donald Trump certainly promoted it. But how did Donald Trump make this nonsense…

As Kyle McEntee Law school transparency Reminded us yesterday, Mark Martin He is currently the Dean of the Law School and trains influential young lawyers at the Regent University Law School.This school was established by a thoughtful person The hurricane targeted gay rights, and the earthquake was a natural result of the overthrow of slavery His most memorable legal alumnus is Monica Goodling (Monica Goodling), he is a relatively inexperienced lawyer, for some reason, he is a senior official of the U.S. Department of Justice, and the W. government Get caught in the scandal of the dismissal of American lawyers.Trump lawyers and Investigator of Charity Tax Status Jay Sekulow, you may remember some Trump is even more bizarre Period theory Play each for the first time, Received a doctorate from the Regency. Fundamentally, Hogwarts is a dubious legal advisory agency.

This brings us to former North Carolina Chief Justice Martin Times report Did not provide much depth to his participation:

Once, Mr. Trump told the vice president that he had spoken with Mark Martin, the former chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and he said that it was telling him that Mr. Pence had this power. Mr. Pence assured Mr. Trump that he did not. Mr. Trump asked the vice president to defend his case in a meeting with the lawyers that Rudolph W. Giuliani helped line up.

It’s hard to believe that someone with Martin’s experience will seriously break the law, although the lesson of recent months is that reputable lawyers are willing to delve into absurd areas. remember, Law school paid tribute to Linwood in less than a year. Trump is still an unreliable narrator, so please understand his words about Martin with a little impression. Even if this does not accurately reflect Martin’s thoughts, we have far exceeded any lawyer talking to Martin. Responsibilities should be assumed at the time. The president must be cautious about how any legal advice is distorted and misunderstood. WRAL reached out to Martin, but Dean did not respond to inquiries.

That might be a good move. Maybe not respond to the next Oval Office’s inquiries.

The House of Representatives takes action to force Trump to withdraw. If Penny does not take action, Imp will be impeached [New York Times]
Did Trump consult with the former Chief Justice of North Carolina before the Capitol attack? [WRAL]

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