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Many older lawyers regret how our profession became a business. Or at least most people do this-some of my more experienced colleagues believe that the industry is too limited and the past business is not enough. The business cliché is that the customer is always right. If the customer says that the chicken is overdone, he is right, and you, the chef, are wrong. If the customer says that the TV is not working properly, it means that she is right and you (the electronic salesperson) are wrong.

Our lawyer is not that kind of person. We should be experts. Customers (customers) come to us all the time and may make mistakes.Indeed, sometimes the reason why customers hire employees As firm as we are It’s because they got into a dispute or confusion. Yes, looking back, we can agree that they did something wrong. Tell the customer that they are right, but what they did wrong, this may be completely wrong.We are not here to soothe the ego of our clients, nor make them satisfied with themselves (at least, the trial lawyers like Me and my colleague Not). We are here to provide them with advice and struggle, and we hope to get justice. Sometimes this means identifying exactly what the customer is doing wrong so that we can try to make things right.

However, although we are not a salesperson, nor do we exist just to compliment the self-esteem of our customers, this does not mean that we do not belong to the service industry. Although some litigation lawyers do forget this, we are actually service professionals. Our case can be cool and interesting. But there are customers behind every cool case. We must be loyal to these customers. Loyalty does not mean telling customers that she is right, just like good parenting does not mean telling our children that they can get everything they want (just like customers who pay us want to be told they are right, And kindness knows that teenagers are affirmative) only in an inexperienced way can prove that they are completely right about everything). Loyalty to customers is similar to good parenting. It means setting aside ourselves and discerning what we truly believe in the best interests of our customers, advising customers to see their best interests, and then seek these goals.

Of course, the lawyer-parent analogy is broken here, because although parents may be obliged to do exactly what they don’t want according to their children’s statements, we as lawyers cannot do so. We need the customer’s consent to take action. But my point is that we need to get consent for purposes that we believe are in the best interests of our customers. It may be difficult, and maybe we even realized that we were wrong. But I found that we almost always get it right, and then loyalty means fighting for customers.

The difference between us and the salesperson is that it may be our job to tell the customer that she was wrong. Unlike sales people, we should not be loyal to customers, but loyal to customers. In addition to maintaining our integrity, loyalty to our clients is the highest virtue of trial lawyers.

John BalestrilJohn Balestriere He is an entrepreneurial trial lawyer and founded his own company after serving as a prosecutor and litigant in a small company.He is a partner in a trial and investigation law firm Farriello He and his colleagues represent domestic and foreign clients in litigation, arbitration, appeals and investigations in New York.You can contact him by email

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