Ted Cruz once insisted that net neutrality is not the government taking over the Internet; now Twitter is required to host all nonsense


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I guess Senator Ted Cruz is jealous of Senator Josh Hawley because he monopolizes “I am a constitutional lawyer, Don’t understand the first amendment This situation has also increased when it comes to the field of Internet content audit. He has announced that he is going to Issue a subpoena Let Jack Dorsey prove that he falsely claimed to be “election interference.”

Let us be clear here. Like Senator Holly yesterday, Senator Cruz sucks. And, like Holly, Cruz is a constitutional lawyer. know This is nonsense.Like Holly, Cruz now also sent a ridiculously ridiculous letter to Twitter with Facebook.

And, of course, I remembered this Ted Cruz not long ago Scream On the drawbacks of “government taking over the Internet”.For him, the idea of ​​net neutrality is the “Obamacare of the Internet.” blame:

Washington politicians want money, and they want more and more control over our speeches.

That… describes Ted Cruz’s attempt to punish a company’s editorial decision. There are other alternative quotations for the same article, which can now be refuted to him:

[W]e. The growth of the technology sector must be promoted, which has always been a bright spot in the US economy. However, we will not be more aware of this dynamic growth unless the Internet is freed from the unnecessary regulation that plagues our healthcare, energy, and banking industries.

However, here he threatens to regulate to stifle the growth of the technology sector.

In 2012, those concerned about Internet freedom were shocked because bills such as the “Stop Online Piracy” and the “Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” act to regulate speech on the Internet in the name of protecting property rights became popular in Washington. Fortunately, online activists quickly mobilized to protect their right to free speech. But we must remain vigilant. Intellectual property rights must be defended, but any threats to silence speech on the Internet must be taken seriously and curbed, and then overcome.

Those radicals shocked by SOPA and PIPA pointed out that Ted Cruz’s attack on Article 230 was Quell the greater threat of Internet speech And it needs to be taken seriously and defeated. Ted Cruz is the one who now advocates these inspections.

For those who want to defend Ted Cruz now, this is a basic question: If a Democratic senator stands up and says he or she will summon the CEO of Fox News or Brightbart to discuss their “bias “, how will you respond? election? People will cast absolute and complete doubts on how unconstitutional it is. But here, we have a Republican senator threatening a company to make its own editorial decision. Ted Cruz’s outstanding performance on this issue is itself a violation of the First Amendment. This is to punish private companies because the company’s own First Amendment is protected by editorial discretion. No one should let an outstanding Cruz get rid of such nonsense.

Ted Cruz once insisted that net neutrality is not the government taking over the Internet; now Twitter is required to host all nonsense

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