Rudy Giuliani has a reputation for facing federal prosecution in the face of Ukrainian oligarchs


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Rudy Giuliani had a difficult weekend.After the FBI woke him up Serve him by warrant Regarding Donald Trump’s electronic devices, Donald Trump’s lawyers have been on the front page of every news paper because news about the federal investigation into its Ukrainian fat guy has leaked.

Rudy’s reputation is too bad, even Shady oligarch Like Dmitry Firtash, currently facing the trouble of extradition from Vienna to the United States Allegations of bribery, Very keen to let the world know about him Not with Rudy.Federal prosecutors have Described this guy Firtash belongs to a cadre of the “upper associates of organized crime in Russia”, but he is still scrambling to distinguish himself from the former president’s clown lawyer.

In 2019, Firtash told New York Times Julianii reached an agreement with him to ask the Justice Department to abandon the prosecution against him in exchange for Joe Biden’s dirt.Giuliani told him to fire Lanny Davis, the democratically aligned lawyer, and replace it with Victoria Toensing and her husband Joe diGenova, conservative media Celebrity Cooperation with Giuliani Make false claims about the current president. Firtash did everything he told, and in fact Toensing did manage to discuss the Firtash case with the then Attorney General Bill Barr.

But that was then, it is now.As Talking point notes It was pointed out that Firtash provided Toensing and he was also guided by the mobile phone collection team of the Ministry of Justice. He came back with Davis, Davis statement Friday and his colleague Dan Webb denied involvement in the search for Joe Biden and his son.

“Sir. They insist that even though Rudy and his allies spent a year waving, Firtas never authorized anyone on behalf of anyone to participate in the investigation of the Ukrainian Bidens. Affidavit A little-known Ukrainian prosecutor claimed that he “is at the request of a lawyer represented by Dmitry Firtash to provide testimony for use in Austrian legal proceedings.”

Davis and Weber claimed that their client was “involved in this internal struggle within the United States without his will and desire,” and he insisted that Firtasch firmly refused to participate in any “dredge work”.

Wrote: “This may help Mr. Giuliani… but it will not help him with legal issues.”

Mr. Firtasch’s new lawyer failed to explain how the client’s name on his power of attorney had changed.Or Giuliani’s friend Lev Parnas, currently undergoing federal prosecution, how is he $1 million loan Lawyer from Firtash. Or precisely why he needed Parnas as a “translator” when working with Toensing and diGenova. The important thing is, “He doesn’t have any information, he didn’t collect any information, and he didn’t fund anyone who would collect that information.”

No one thinks that he has nothing to do with the incompetent and rude Rudy Giuliani.

The indicted Ukrainian oligarch issues a statement of self-estrangement from Giuliani [Talking Points Memo]

Elizabeth Dye She lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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