Rod Rosenstein is very sorry for all the children separated from their parents. bad!


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“We do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period”, former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Tweet Outraged on June 17, 2018.What is the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice Done One policy is to arrest almost everyone who tries to enter the country between border posts, automatically leaving all captured children “unaccompanied” and forcing them to be detained.

“I have adopted a’zero tolerance’ policy for illegal entry into the southwest border. If you cross the border illegally, we will prosecute you. It’s that simple,” then US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in May 2018 Announced on July 7. “If you smuggle illegal aliens at our border, then we will sue you. If you are smuggling a child, then we will sue you and the child will be separated from you as required by law.”

This may give the public the impression that this is a measure aimed at combating human trafficking. But later that month, in a phone call with an American lawyer, the stock company became more clear. He said: “We need to take the children away.” There is no doubt that his intention is to eliminate the immigrant motives while trapping immigrant children.

Yesterday, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice issued a Severe report The family separation policy officially implemented between April 6th and June 7th, 2018. Prior to this, U.S. prosecutors had been trying not to arrest adults who transited the country with minors, nor did they prepare for sudden policy changes that would cause thousands of lives to die. The child was detained by the government.

Before the Department of Homeland Security implements the new practice of family unit adults as part of the zero tolerance policy, the leadership of the Department of Justice, especially OAG, has not effectively coordinated with the United States office on the Southwest border, USMS, HHS, or the federal courts . We further found that OAG’s expectations of how the family separation process would proceed greatly underestimated its complexity and showed a lack of understanding of the legal requirements related to the care and guardianship of separated children. We concluded that the Ministry is dedicated to increasing the prosecution of immigrants at the expense of careful and proper consideration of the effects of prosecutions in the family sector and separation of children.

The Department of Justice ignored the warnings from the Western District of Texas that the state implemented a similar “zero tolerance” plan in 2017, making it difficult to reunite family members. Instead, the joint stock company “only focuses on the problems caused by the El Paso Initiative. The increase in illegal entry prosecutions without seeking easy-to-obtain information will identify serious problems caused by the separation of the prosecuted family unit adult and the corresponding child.”

Today have 611 children still Not reunite With their families-According to information known to the US Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, this outcome is completely predictable before the family separation policy is implemented nationwide.

Jeff Sessions, who refused to cooperate with the investigation, was second only to Stephen Miller in enthusiasm, and second only to immigrants. But Sessions representatives from the US Department of Justice also looked terrible.

Attorney at the Department of Justice Gene Hamilton (Gene Hamilton) Close allies White House Senator Stephen Miller blamed the Department of Homeland Security for the policy. He told IG: “If Secretary Nelson and the Department of Homeland Security do not want to refer minors, people with children, then we will not Prosecute them because they did not recommend them. Ultimately, the decision will be made between Secretary of State Nelson and the President.” This conveniently ignores the fact that Sessions is the driving force of the policy, and Nelson Tell the president This is logically impossible, and it may even be illegal.

But in a sense, you know what the xenophobic hatred and dinosaurs that have been sworn in past times will bring you.It’s Rod Rosenstein, the former Deputy Attorney General. He knew it was wrong, but he still moved forward faithfully. Bad shit, Who broke your heart.

Here, he defended the right to take care of children completely indifferent to the Department of Homeland Security, and eventually reunited them with their parents, because “My method is to trust them and assume that their relatives will manage according to their own wishes, and I I think micro-management of other people’s businesses is not for me.”

You want DHS and HHS to manage the children entrusted to them. I think this is something they should consider. They should say, “Hey, if you do this, there will be problems, we will lose track of the children, and we will not be able to reunite the children.” This is the question they should flag. I just don’t think this is the right of the US Department of Justice.

The U.S. Attorney in Western Texas, John Bash, explained in an email to his employees that he had just decoupled from Rosenstein and Rosenstein ordered him not to Adopt a baby at any age.

I just talked to DAG.He directed, according to [Attorney General’s] According to the policy, we should not absolutely refuse immigration prosecutions against adults on a family basis because of the age of the children.In other words, our command is [the Border Patrol] Refers to the single parent of a child of any age (or the parent of a child of any age), and we should not refuse to prosecute without special circumstances (for example, the child is seriously ill, the child speaks only the mother tongue, language, etc.).I understand [the Border Patrol] Our policy is not to recommend parents when doing so, so that children under 5 years old will be separated from their parents.But obviously [the Border Patrol] Yesterday there were two cases in El Paso. Based on our understanding of the policy, we refused. However, according to the instructions I just received from the Development Agenda Group, these two cases should not be rejected.

Rosenstein was shocked because Bash would think that this reduces his discretion to prevent prosecuting parents. If this involves government custody of young children or young people who do not have Spanish, these young people will not be able to Communicate with their caregivers.

He said: “If someone thinks they should be like a soldier and prosecute every case without considering the facts, that is not my business, and if you check Bash’s email, he said, please consider the case-based situation.”, he Tell IG.

Rosenstein said in a statement yesterday: “Since leaving the Department of Defense, I have often asked myself what I should do differently. Nothing can dominate my thinking better than a zero-tolerance immigration policy.” It is a failed policy and should never be proposed or implemented. I hope that all of us will do better.”

It seems that a mistake was made. Never enforce this policy. By whom? Well, Rod Rosenstein can’t say. But he thought a lot and wanted to know that someone (if any) somewhere might do different things.

Judicial officials expressed regret by accusing Trump of responding to reports of family separation [NBC]
Review the planning and implementation of the Department of Justice’s zero tolerance policy and coordination with the Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services

Elizabeth Dye She lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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