One year’s challenges and changes in the lawyer industry


It was Friday the 13th and it was not lost to me.

A year ago, this week, this week, Friday, 13th, I was sitting there, flying from Salt Lake City to Boston, almost no one was wearing a mask. When I returned home from BYU Law School, I felt very anxious. Attended the meeting of the Law School Advisory Committee a few days ago.

Just two days ago, when I flew to Utah by plane and watched CNN on my rear seat monitor, news broke that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson (Rita Wilson) ) Tested positive for the coronavirus.

Not only that, but because a Utah Jazz player passed the test, the NBA has just suspended the 2019-20 season. Utah. I want to fly to the state.

I mean movie stars and basketball. This is true. Coronavirus hysteria is beginning to sweep across a panicking world.

Believe me, I considered staying at home. But this meeting was carefully planned, and there seemed to be no good reason not to attend at that time.

I should think twice before going to the pharmacy the day before buying hand sanitizer. Seeing nothing, I asked the clerk, and he laughed boldly and spontaneously at my request.

Disinfecting hand sanitizer? never. mask? Fuggedaboutit!

It turns out that the meeting I attended was abridged. When I was there, the law school decided to virtualize and send students home.At least i Podcast aired, To record the scene of the school suspension.

Sometime on Friday the 13th, or sometime on Saturday the 14th, I returned to Boston and got off the plane.

I have never returned to the plane since then.

This is a year that all of us will never forget. For many people, this is a year of loss, suffering, pain and hardship. The past year will change everyone in our lives forever.

The pandemic affects not only all of us, but also the industry in which we work. The curious irony of the pandemic’s impact on the legal profession is that it is generally believed to be beneficial.

Let me emphasize, I mean, I don’t mean to minimize the grief of people who suffer from illness, bereavement or financial difficulties.

I will always remember the iconic scary and redeeming story of David Lat. He was the founder of the rule of law. His near-death experience was related to the prevailing notion of who should suffer. The COVID-19 attack, and his recovery gave us all reason to hope.When I Interviewed him in April For my podcast, he still couldn’t speak because the intubation made his voice hoarse.

But I will repeat what I wrote 2020 year-end summaryIn other words, in the world of legal technology and innovation, the one sentence I hear most often this year is “a ray of hope.” It is a silver lining in the form of an accelerator.

I wrote: “As the legal futurist Richard Susskind observed, the challenge of modern legal services and our judicial system is that you cannot change Tires.” “Well, I stopped that car this year. The period then provides a chance to restart.”

The legal system has been restarted. The purpose of this is to better play the role of the service and the interests of all staff.

The evidence of all this is all around us. The professional world is constantly adopting cloud-based technologies-for that matter, any type of technology. It is in law firms that they think more deeply about how to organize their business and provide services than ever before. Not only in judges and judicial systems, people have understood the need for change, but in some cases, who is leading the change.

A persuasive statement about this is in All discussions At the legal service company’s technology innovation conference in January, the then Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Bridget Mary McCormack (Bridget Mary McCormack) Say:

This pandemic is obviously not the kind of destruction we want, but I think it may be a kind of destruction that we can accelerate change in some way in the courts, and I hope it can produce a more accessible, more transparent and more efficient law system.

No one wanted it last year. But the fact is that, as Judge McCormack said, it serves as what Richard Susskind called the “end point we need.”

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel (knock on the wood). Many people are being vaccinated. A friend of mine went to a store for the first time this week.The face-to-face legal meeting is Back on the calendar.

I will always remember Friday the 13th. For me, this day marks the beginning of the year. However, everything that happens from now on should not be superstitious or accidental.

Despite all the tragedies this year, it has also triggered changes in the movement, which may get better. The challenge for all of us is to maintain the momentum towards a better legal system.

Robert Ambrogi Is an Massachusetts State Attorney And a reporter who has mainly covered legal technology and the Internet through his blog for more than 20 years was the editor-in-chief of a number of legal newspapers and a researcher at the Financial Times School of Legal Practice Management And inauguration Fast Box 50 Recipients.You can contact him by email, You can continue to follow him Twitter (@BobAmbrogi).

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