One country and one mind division: two positions merged into one


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What happened that day broke my heart. Please read the two columns I drafted.

This is the first column of today:

Amerika: Fable

Once upon a time, there was a six-year-old president who served as the chief executive of a powerful country. The president believes that the police should be stricter when arresting criminals. He threatened North Korea with “furious”. He said that he was happy to bring the guys with guns to his camp.

I bet he likes law and order movies.

The president raged the country for four years. He gave a speech about the other party stealing the election and how the other party will destroy the country. He said that people must fight for their beliefs. Some of his supporters stormed into the Capitol.

At the inauguration of the next president, 20,000 National Guard members protected the Capitol. This is more than the number of American troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq (combined) at that time. The guards were issued weapons.

But the National Guard made a mistake. It does not monitor the social media accounts of its members. The National Guard favors white, middle- and lower-class men, and this is where the president largely receives his support. During the protests on the day of the inauguration, 10,000 armed guards decided not to obey the command system and instead supported the protesters.

This ends Amerika.

This is the second column of today:

Pause time

I don’t want the government to silence you. I hope everyone voluntarily chooses to keep themselves silent.

In just two years, I hope that leftists will stop talking about “paying the police.” They can talk about “reforming the police.” If the speaker or colleague says or does something insensitive or offensive, do not boycott or expel the person. Explain to the person what he or she did wrong and hope it will be better next time. Don’t worry about who chooses to urinate in which bathroom. The bathrooms are good. Only two years.

In just two years, I hope that the restriction of rights will stop calling members of the other side as “socialists.” They can talk about “progressives”. Don’t say that the other people’s people will destroy your country. Don’t say that people on the other side believe in riots. You can say that the other party believes in political protests, and some small groups in these protests sometimes riot. Only two years.

In the past two years, I hope that the legislature will be guided by a non-party or bipartisan committee that seriously considers reform. The legislature should agree to adopt the recommendations of the committees.

Can we redistribute to make most congressional districts competitive, so that left-wing or right-wing militants lose elections, and moderates will win?

Should we authorize or grant tax credits to vote? Today, politicians place negative advertisements to suppress the turnout of opposition party supporters on election day. Perhaps, if people are required or encouraged to vote, politicians will stop such campaigns.

Countries should try “Top two“In this system, all candidates are listed on the same primary ballot, and the top two candidates (regardless of the political party) enter the general election.

Wait, including the ideas of people smarter than me.

Let us carry out these reforms to make our country more neutral and more manageable.

Then, two years later, we can look back and shout.

I promise.

mark Herman Served as a partner in a leading international law firm for 17 years and is now the deputy general counsel of a large international company. he is” “Kulmarton Practice Law Guide” with Litigation strategy for drug and device product liabilitywith (Affiliate link).You can contact him by email

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