Oh, look, this is Biglaw’s former partner hanging out with Trump before the Congressional riot!


(Photo courtesy of Jon Cherry/Getty Images)

When Donald Trump was about to whip his proud boy and Q Quacks’ militia into a violent and ultimately fatal frenzy, he was relaxing with his relatives in the tent, listening to poor Laura Blarnigan (Laura Branigan) news, unfortunately he no longer radiates Termination letter It was because she dragged her art into the basement fascist beauty pageant where the government bargained. Moreover, because he was boring and disappointed that no one could fill the insight of his own father, Xiao Tang filmed the whole incident.

Fortunately, he let the camera stay boring on the boring landscape once. Because he is the chef!

Now, just before Junior praises Mark Meadows as a “combatant”-an hour later, this kind of remarks will become even more ominous-that guy on his shoulder is the old Eric Herschmann, he is Kasowitz Benson and Now a “senior advisor” to Donald Trump. There he has granular glory:

Continuation of Casowitz Deeply involved in the suffering of this government -This even started before Trump’s election, when Kasowitz was a bond Withdraw Ivanka and the juvenile from criminal proceedings — Herschmann and the White House arranged his Kasowitz role as a full-time performance,”Hazy portfolioAs the “New York Times” said.And since the New York Law Journal has already written, Casowitz’s participation is Hurt the company, Maybe going out is not the worst move.

However, this hazy portfolio at least played an important role in peddling Hunter Biden nonsense:

Three of them [Herschmann, Stefan Passantino, and Arthur Schwartz] Pinned on their hopes for re-election in the fourth guest, has been shooting the Wall Street Journal White House reporter named President Michael Del. They delivered goods to him: a large number of e-mails detailed Hunter Biden’s business activities, and on the speaker phone, it was Tony Boblinsky, a former business partner of Hunter Biden. Mr. Bobulinski is willing to make an explosive statement and continue to make records in The Wall Street Journal: Joe Biden, the former vice president, realized his son’s activities and benefited from it. The Trump team left, thinking that the Wall Street Journal would uncover the matter, and their excitement was conveyed to the president.

That bid…it was useless. But this may not be the only false propaganda activity of the Herschmann quarterback. Many people associate his vague advisory role with monitoring and advising on various post-election legal challenges and providing advice. These challenges constitute the whole of the Trump uprising HoHo. content. In the video, his cameo spreads the fallacy about the election, which seems to highlight this participation.

However, despite the delusions caused by these people during the riots, Donald Trump will no longer be president within a few days. When he leaves the White House, what will a promoter like Hershemann look like? Will they return to the warm welcome of the main law firm? Will the customer remember all this?

Probably not. If this country does not have the goldfish’s attention, people like Herschmann will not try to turn a suspicious Hunter Biden email into a scandal.

Trump has one last story to sell. The Wall Street Journal will not buy. [New York Times]
Former Trump impeachment lawyer goes to the White House [Politico]

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