MyPillow Guy is *happy* to be sued by Dominion in a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit


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This morning, Dominion Voting Systems overcame the threat and added Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, to the Trumplanders list, which was sued for misrepresentation of its election software.

in a 115 pages of complaints Dominion filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against Lindell and the company he founded. Dominion accused Lindell of fabricating false election requirements as part of a conspiracy to increase pillow sales.

After Donald Trump recognized that MyPillow won the grand prize and won millions in bets on Fox News ads, Michael Lindell took advantage of another opportunity to boost sales: MyPillow Promote it to people willing to participate and participate in the rally to listen to Lindel telling the “big lie” that the Dominion stole the 2020 election. When MyPillow had previously faced legal proceedings for fraudulent marketing activities, Lindell knew that there was no real “evidence” to support his claims. And he knew very well about independent audits and written ballot restatements, and ultimately denied the big lie. But Lindell, a talented salesman who used to be a professional card counter, has been lying now because he was selling pillows. MyPillow’s defamatory marketing campaigns (such as “FightforTrump”, “45”, “Proof” and “QAnon” and other promotional codes have increased MyPillow sales by 30-40% and continue to entice people to turn the anger of election lies to pillows buy.

“Now, I can get evidence faster. It will be amazing. Washington post, And added that he planned to play the role of “more movies, more documentaries” in the role of “dominion” (Dominion) who switched from Trump to Biden in the overthrow of the election. Presumably, this means that he will not file a motion for removal before the investigation.

If he just pretended that he was so crazy that he actually believed his nonsense about Dominion and Smartmatic, then he would definitely work on it. But according to Dominion, this is actually just a professional scammer. He did and constructively noticed that his so-called “certificate” of election fraud was nothing more than a list of non-existent IPO addresses strung together by shareholders. Retired interior designer and a Known liar.

As Dominion pointed out, it sent multiple letters to Lindell, explaining that his claim was not only wrong, but actually impossible, because Dominion’s paper ballot left something that hackers could not change on election night Track, so that Georgia and other states can confirm the tally records of the machine through manual counting.

In addition, as a self-proclaimed “digital man”, he “particularly likes game theory, that is, the successful choice depends on the understanding of other people’s choices.” Dominion believes that Lindell must know that the statistical evidence of the “Kraken” lawsuit is rubbish. This is based on a false premise that absentees cannot vote in favor of the Democratic Party. Especially since Lindel himself has retweeted the ex-president’s repeated advice to vote face-to-face, he clearly understands that there will be a party split between face-to-face voting and absentee voting.

In order to prove that Lindell realizes that his “proof” is nonsense, Dominion pointed to the tireless efforts of Pillow’s CEO, despite repeated requests without revealing it.

Although Lindell has “completed its own due diligence”, “hire its own experts” and “personally viewed the evidence,” Lindell has repeatedly failed to provide any evidence, except for the fraudulent “analytics” screenshots in the “American Report”. Conspiracy theory blog. 136 Indeed, after being interviewed by NBC News, when asked to provide evidence to support his claim, Lindel replied in an email: “All the evidence against the Dominion has been submitted to the Supreme Court. … This is one proof. Page.” 137 NBC reported “[t]His email contains no attachments. When asked if he had ignored it by mistake, Lindel sent another email with an empty attachment and a screenshot of the email containing illegible text. “

In support of the claim that MyPillow was also involved, because of MyPillow’s efforts to cooperate with the CEO and monetize through his media appearances, Dominion pointed out that the company sponsored the first “Trump Parade” bus tour of “Women in America”, and The promotional code is tailored to every Lindell media appearance. E.g:

On December 3, 2020, Lindell and Sebastian Gorka starred in “America First”. In an interview, Lindel told TV audiences around the world that he, Powell and Wood are “not speaking a word about this election fraud” and that they are trying to obtain these “autonomous machines.” After getting a platform to promote Big Lie, Lindell also took the opportunity to promote MyPillow. He said that “the president likes” MyPillow, and people should go to and use the promotional code “Gorka”. During the interview, the MyPillow logo, website and phone number were also highlighted to the audience.

In another appearance on January 20, 2021, Lindel claimed that “it’s in Fulton County, [Georgia] It showed that 24,000 votes were flipped inside the machine,” while urging viewers to use the discount code “MIKE” to enjoy up to 66% discount, which will allow Lindell to “permanently use” the profits.

Lindel also used media appearances to sell his books, claiming that running for president is actually bad for the company. “I have lost 22 retailers. Financially, this makes me crazy,” he told The Post. Assuming the CEO insisted on his Vincent Gigante behavior and did not try to remove him before finding out, we will quickly find out whether all of this is true.

Complaints and demands from the jury [US DOMINION, INC. v. MY PILLOW, INC. (1:21-cv-00445)]
Dominion files a defamation lawsuit against the CEO of MyPillow [WaPo]

Elizabeth Dye Lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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