Linwood faces sanctions and lifting of the ban, but the law school cannot dismiss him (or his donation)


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Since Linwood pinned his hopes on the unsuccessful election fraud conspiracy, the journey has been difficult.He has been Throw from twitter, The Carter Page case was initiated by an angry judge,face Michigan sanctions, Have Publicly asked about his appeal, with Appoint the Disciplinary Committee as the “Patriotic Army”. This The Covington Catholic kid even broke ties with him. Sometimes, poor Lin seemed unable to rest.

But Mercer University still supports him!

Rear There is increasing pressure to remove Wood’s name from the school’s moot court And returned the one million dollar gift he invested in the school, he Crashed the zoom phone of a law school to overthrow the students, This kind of completely normal combat experienced lawyers have always been involved.

The prompter reported: “Law students, faculty, and alumni are angry at the university’s inaction.” Law school leadership seems to recognize that Wood’s behavior over the past few months was enough to cut him off all contact with the victimized lawyer.Unfortunately, this is not determined by the law school, but Bill Underwood, President of Mercer University And the trustee of the school. Underwood is at a low point, hoping that everything is shattered, he can take out Wood’s money to prove once again that the line between “smart” and “moral cowardice” is… In fact, for those who don’t want to For those who defend themselves, this is a clear mirror.

Of course, universities need money, and school leaders must worry. This may make the charity world shudder because they know their gifts may be rejected. On the other hand, perhaps we can stop the slippery slope when “advocating the implementation of the US Vice President’s backlash. This seems to be a completely reasonable standard.

Just like watching Homer and Bart chase the runaway pig.The leadership of Mercer University opened every new story of Linwood and said: “It’s just a little bit of sanctions…it’s still good, it’s still good!” “Just a little bit Voter fraud allegations… Still good, still good! “

To be clear, Underwood and the trustee should not need There are other things that can be solved. However, the other side that may frighten donors by implementing minimum standards is watching the Linwood host bring down the entire school. Mercer donors should be very worried now, because the school refuses to admit you except the cartoon money bag with legs. When an institution of higher learning is hungry for only a few million dollars so that when donors associate the school’s brand with the rebellion, it will try to hide it behind the scenes. This is a turning point.

On the other hand, universities named Walter F. George (Walter F. George) to law school until just a few years ago, so maybe this is the fundraiser they chose.

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