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Keeping your A game requires continuous improvement. You must check and double-check your progress and maintain industry standards-this is just the basic work you need to do. If you really want to be successful, you need to follow standard practices like industry innovators. I’m fortunate enough to interact with these pioneering people on my podcasts regularly, My (legal) self note. I want to share some key tips from these conversations.

First, I had a conversation with the famous Frank Ramos. Frank has held various positions and his experience is impressive. Although I think his resume is high-end, his focus seems to be entirely on another kind of resume, what he calls “LinkedIn resume”.

When looking for talents, Frank’s first task is to find talents that fit the company’s vision, mission and values. To this end, he combed through the LinkedIn profiles of potential employees to view their posts, their interactions with other profiles, and their contributions to the community.

He believes that each of his employees should have integrity and leadership. How does he evaluate it? His choice is based on their careers and their level of involvement in public speaking. He did emphasize the importance of legal employees talking to others. Having said that, he admits that you will never find someone who can meet all your needs. The trick is to find and place the people who can best use their strengths.

Deb Feder also saw the value of LinkedIn, but instead of Watching In order to gain insights into how potential employees work, Deb believes that everyone should have shared these insights to help other workers in the industry. Lawyers work in a tricky business, and finding any form of optimization process or innovative method is highly valued.

However, LinkedIn is not only used for educational purposes, it also has relationship results. COVID-19 forces us to connect in an unprecedented way because everything must be done online.

LinkedIn is the ideal place to find people in the same industry that you know, and it gives you the opportunity to learn more about these people before reaching out. You can view their work examples to make a more informed decision. COVID-19 illustrates the end of the “spray paint” world, and Deb emphasized that at the end of the day, people are looking for real relationships with real people-they are looking for authenticity.

This may be a little unbelievable. Of course it was when I started. However, after an interview with Vandana Dhamija, I feel that I have the tools to deal with any changes. This makes sense because she has always been in the legal business and has always been responsible for change management. She developed four steps, detailing where the legal team or legal action can start when conducting strategic planning.

Fortunately, these steps are as important to the application of personal branding as they are to the application of strategic planning.

  1. Assess your situation. Know your team, tools and tasks.
  2. write it down. Clearly arrange your policies and procedures.
  3. Let go of your priorities. She recommends starting with your foundation. The Eisenhower matrix is ​​a useful tool for prioritization.
  4. This is where change management comes into play. By listening to the people who are resisting, socialize what you are doing and break the resistance.

LinkedIn lawyers are well-connected, shrewd, and seldom influenced by unexpected events. why? Because they have learned through continuous sharing and teaching; they are connected with the established network of real relationships; and, when the responsibility falls entirely on their shoulders, they will have enough ability to deal with whatever they encounter problem.

Olga V. Mack is the CEO of the company Parley Pro, Is the first next-generation contract management company to develop online negotiation technology. Olga is committed to legal innovation, and is committed to developing and shaping the future of law. She firmly believes that by embracing technology, the legal profession will be stronger, more flexible, and more inclusive than before. Olga is also an award-winning general counsel, operations expert, entrepreneurial consultant, public spokesperson, part-time professor and entrepreneur.She founded Women as board members Promote women’s participation on the board of directors of Fortune 500 companies.She wrote Get in the car: Earn tickets for a seat on the company’s board of directors with Basic principles of smart contract security. You can follow Olga on Twitter @olgavmack.

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