Lawyers who are willing to go bankrupt before the applicant recognizes these policies


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The insulting nature of the bar exam cycle is well documented.People flagged as cheating based on The color of their skin,applicant Forced to dirty oneselfAnd candidates Exposure to COVID in spite of The state spokesperson said they were lazy. However, if there are still people who do not believe in this exam- Data-based analysis is largely unreasonable -Considering the hardship of participating in MPRE in person is a cruel waste of time.

Although New York will administer the bar exams remotely in the foreseeable future, MPRE will still process them in real time. MPRE enjoys greater flexibility in terms of taking the examination conditions. Therefore, the lawyer examiner believes that safe services can be provided on-site without dragging all the troubles of online examinations into the affairs. It seems fair, unless someone thinks that the exam is usually scheduled during the school year, people are likely to have to go out to take the exam.

Like this salesman from Canada, he participated in UBE in February and now needs to participate in MPRE, but was told to come to New York City. apart from…

However, after checking Pearson VUE’s Covid-19 policy, I found that Pearson requires that at least 14 days have elapsed before the candidate begins to quarantine, or the government or medical institution cancels centralized observation before allowing the candidate to enter the venue. To the test center. In order to comply with this requirement, I must arrive in New York at least 14 days before the scheduled MPRE, because when I arrive in New York from a CDC level 4 country, I must undergo mandatory quarantine. In addition, when I return to Canada, I will bear the mandatory hotel quarantine for another 3 days at my own expense, and then return home for at least 11 days of quarantine. In total, I will have to spend at least 28 days of quarantine time and spend thousands of dollars in travel expenses, all of which cost two hours to take a multiple choice exam.

After contacting NCBE, the applicant learned that “NCBE is actively communicating with Pearson VUE to provide MPRE potential through limited remote options for candidates who did not choose in person; however, we currently do not have any further updates.” This is more than rejection. It is better to consider remote management immediately, but this illustrates the stupid death behind the exam.

Although MPRE is the most important subject in the lawyer’s process, it is largely regarded as the “joking part” because it is ridiculously superficial for an exam designed to prove that someone has the highest professional ethics standards. . If we don’t take the exam at all, the situation in the industry will be just as good, but on the contrary, will we delay someone’s 28-day quarantine period to stick to this practice?

of course can.

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