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Law firms are in the midst of a remote work revolution. As a direct result of social distancing requirements and full-time orders, the interaction method has undergone tremendous changes, which affects the office environment and the work efficiency of on-the-job professionals. This is especially true in the legal world, where technology to connect staff to each other and to clients has actually become an absolute necessity.

However, as the industry shifts to relying on software, many legal professionals continue to rely solely on outdated communication methods (such as telephone and email) to keep in touch with the stakeholders of the case.

In this guide, you will learn about the new standards of law firm connectivity, focusing on Customer acquisition, internal communication, acquiring customer signature + signature, and two-way text messaging Tools specially designed for law firms.

Client admission

The demand for contactless options is steadily rising among legitimate consumers. Potential clients are conducting due diligence through online research lawyers; they want to be able to contact lawyers through their website and provide admission information immediately.

“The digital entry form reduced the time my company needs to serve customers by 8 days.”

Jason Kohlmeyer, Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Firm CHTD, MyCase client

Online customer absorption solves these problems, and Regardless of the situation, potential customers can retain your company’s services. Providing options for fast-tracking clients can make your company immediately more attractive to potential clients who desperately need legal services.

Bottom line: The online admission form simplifies the admission of clients, and Enable potential customers to easily provide contact information from any Internet-enabled device during the day or night. By simplifying the remote collection of necessary information without delaying processing or re-entering data, you can handle cases from the right foot for your employees and customers.

Internal communication

When your company’s employees are scattered at home or in the office, it becomes difficult to maintain close contact with colleagues. Merely using e-mail to communicate urgent cases does not reduce the amount of e-mail sent; your company’s employees need more urgent solutions to work effectively and efficiently as a department.

Instead, use communication tools such as Internal chat can be integrated into the tools you already use for case and problem management. Having multiple built-in communication methods is a cost-effective option. It also provides a more secure, centralized recording system for all internal law firm communications.

Bottom line: The best way to communicate within a law firm is Binding directly to your case management system Allows instant communication, conversations on specific cases, and quick reference to past interactions.

Electronic signature

Wet signatures on the legal market are no longer popular. Obtaining a person usually requires an office visit, risking the health of the participants and causing unnecessary delays to perform ordinary tasks. Or, you can mail important documents for signature, but this may take days or weeks. As face-to-face meetings become less popular, people expect savvy companies to now provide customers with online signature options.

“ESignature has become our company’s standard practice.”

Brandon Osterbind, Osterbind Law, PLLC, MyCase customers

Enter the electronic signature.With eSignature, you can Easily prepare documents and send them to potential or current customers, then monitor the status of all outstanding signature requests. After receiving the goods, the recipient can immediately sign and return the document with just a few clicks, thus avoiding costly delays in obtaining wet signatures.

Bottom line: After signing documents remotely through the contactless eSignature, the process of preparing, signing and affixing regular legal documents will become a seamless and streamlined experience, which is worry-free for all relevant personnel. Look for software with built-in eSignature Make the most of it.

2-way SMS

Whether or not your team operates outside the physical office, effective customer communication is key. Customers need to be able to contact your company and receive timely answers to their questions in a format that meets their needs. Delays in answering their inquiries may result in missed court dates and deadlines, unanswered questions, and may damage the lawyer-client relationship.

“SMS is a great way to communicate with customers who don’t use email.”

Erika Longanecker, Three Cities Family Law, MyCase client

Text messaging tools enable you to quickly update clients through the connection methods they are accustomed to using in their daily lives, without the need to spread your personal mobile number.

Bottom line: For a long time, law firms are accustomed to the way they communicate with clients is impersonal, indirect, and usually never accepts or answers. instead, Law firms should use text messaging tools Promote a strong customer experience that is worth recommending.

in conclusion

Individually, the solutions in this guide are an important step in bridging the connectivity gap between the company and its customers and employees. However, when such communication tools are built into your law firm’s legal business management software, no matter where your employees or clients are, your company will experience higher productivity, closer collaboration, and More billable time.

How MyCase meets the connection needs of law firms

my situation It is a cloud-based complete legal practice management solution for your law firm, Provide the tools you need for remote collaboration and work. With MyCase, all your important case details (documents, contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, invoices, etc.) can be connected to any place via the Internet from any organized location.

Built-in other connection functions for remote work Customer reception, electronic signature, internal chat, SMS and customer portal Therefore, both the customer and other employees are out of reach in terms of the case. With guided data migration and easy-to-learn features, my situation Convenient to start and run quickly.

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