Law school pressure device renames Linwood classroom


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Really only a year ago Law School awarded Linwood honors. Therefore, only in 2019, Clint Eastwood made a film celebrating Wood (The role of Sam Rockwell is a composite of Wood and the rest of Richard Jewell’s team).Now he Facing Rule 11 sanctions in Detroit, Got Initiated the Carter Page case in Delaware, And was permanently banned by Twitter for the following reasons: This kind of thing.

But that was then and now.The dean of Mercer Law School and other law school deans condemned the violent uprising last week, but when the school Post on the official Facebook page, Students and alumni began to fight back against this fact, because the school’s moot court is still named after a professional embarrassed lawyer.

Thank you for joining this statement, but currently our school has a court with a man’s name on it. This man played a big role in inciting this attempted coup… We have too many famous and memorable alumni, and his name does not appear anywhere in our school.


You need to refund Lin Wood’s money and refuse the absurd excuses provided to alumni.


Rename the court. Refund the money and do the right thing. It is not worth standing on the wrong side of history. You now have the opportunity to do the right thing.


It seems that small things are very important. Words/gestures are important and powerful. Rename the court.

Etc., etc.

wood Donated $1 million to the school To win his name in a moot court, the school had to wonder whether it was worth naming this $1 million classroom after a lawyer who had just advocated the assassination of the vice president on social media. According to reports, the petitioner was told that this was beyond the dean’s salary scale and filed a complaint directly with the president of Mercer University.

On the other hand, only schools The name “Walter F. George” was cancelled in 2018, A segregationist, led the opposition Brown v. Board of Directors, So Mercer is not known for acting quickly.

In the past year, the law school has faced many disturbing alumni problems.One Efforts to deprive Bill Barr of his honorary degree and renamed the conference room named after him It seems to have stopped at George Washington. Although Barr should of course lose all the honors he won in the beginning, he clearly did not spend the last few months to feed the delusion of election fraud that erupted last week. So…Congratulations, you made it to the minimum.

But this is a serious problem for academic institutions. What happens when people write their own checks and don’t cash them? Looking to the future, for the university legal department, in the event that a donor actually murdered a kitten on YouTube (in most cases, this is unlikely), it is simply inappropriate not to include some kind of evasion clause. Institutions cannot always put themselves in these awkward positions.

By the way, Chambers Wood is still listed as the first-level First Amendment lawyer? This may not be the correct ranking for those who are described by the courts as “the poison of lust.” Just saying’.

Yikes, less than a year after the law school paid tribute to Linwood
Law school teachers want to deprive Bill Barr of his degree
The Delaware judge invoked Linwood’s “toxic stew” and dismissed him from the Carter Page lawsuit

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