Las Vegas said that ornamental grasses and non-functional turf were banned. I said that it rose during the turf war.


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Southern Nevada Water Authority It just asks the Nevada legislature to ban about 40% of grass that no one steps on. In the Las Vegas area. Las Vegas is in the desert.Nurture a lot of useless Non-native grassPainful stupidity requires a lot of locally scarce water.

“Obviously, we won’t follow the backyard of your average homeowner,” Justin Jones, a board member of the Water Authority, told the Associated Press. ???? why not? “[But t]Only those who have stepped on the grass in the middle of the road system can mow the grass…. Too stupid. “Well, it’s more like.

According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, nearly eight square miles of the Las Vegas metropolitan area is covered with “non-functional turf.” This is a non-native grass. No one will walk in any way or otherwise. Way to use. Non-functional turf carpets cover many street medians, office parks and housing developments in and around Las Vegas. This ornamental grass requires four times more water than the local drought-tolerant decorative flora (such as cacti and other succulents). By removing invasive decorative grasses, the Las Vegas area can reduce water consumption by approximately 15%, saving approximately 14 gallons of water per person per day.

Since at least 2003, Las Vegas has been a leader in saving water by minimizing lawns. It offers one of the most generous rebates to owners of old properties to recoup the turf: up to $3 per square foot. However, the proposed total ban on the use of non-functional turf is the latest and possibly the most stringent turf reduction policy in the United States.

I said, wow! This is the beginning of the lawn war I have been training all my life! The lawn sucks!

You don’t even know why we have lawns? When I went to the party angrily, many guests quickly stopped eye contact, which annoyed them: We only have lawns because the wealthy foreign aristocrats have become oppressors. They want to put exaggerated wealth on our faces.. In the 17th century, smaller European landowners had to use the available land to graze livestock or grow crops, but very wealthy bastards increasingly used artificial scythes to weed nearby homes. There are no sheep in the house to serve them! Owning artificially mowed lawns is a sign of wealth and status, which is undoubtedly a big trouble for all farmers who have died of diarrhea and cannot afford a better health system.

Therefore, we think it is a good idea to introduce the lawn tradition to the United States. Perhaps among all the most traditional traditions in the United States, please don’t forget its terrible origin.

It is not only the origin of the lawn and the water shortage that makes the lawn terrible. Think of all the gasoline wasted on lawn mowers, all human capital is wasted on lawn mowers. I spent two summers mowing non-functional lawns in my previous high school. Although I guess I earn more than the minimum wage, I can definitely spend this time doing something like writing why Work on wasteful things. Plant the invasive grass over time, and then cut it short every few days.only Such a better choice. Plant some native plants and shout loudly.

Although the turf war is finally in full swing, it is difficult to break any tradition, even (perhaps especially) stupid ones. It has nothing to do with Las Vegas, although the drought has intensified, The proliferation of interstate water warsOther desert cities such as Salt Lake City and Phoenix have been reluctant to follow suit.

You don’t have to be perfect. I still have some grass: this is about the size of a postage stamp. It took me 10 minutes to mow the grass with one of the old hand pushers. There are many buffets for local pollinators around. Therefore, just consider immersing your toes in the water. Maybe by removing a small piece of grass at the beginning, you can make positive changes in one go. Most importantly, if you want to help curb a tradition that is not only stupid but also dangerous, then don’t judge your neighbors if they don’t have a perfectly tailored neon green lawn that looks like a baseball field. Keep fighting, brave soldiers, because the war on the lawn has finally come.

Jonathan Wolf (Jonathan Wolf) is a civil litigant and also the ” Your debt-free Jingdong (Affiliate link). He taught legal writing, wrote articles for various publications, and made his career and the pleasure of obtaining financial and scientific knowledge an honor. Any opinions expressed by him may be pure gold, but they are only his own opinions and should not be attributed to any organization to which he belongs. In any case, he did not want to share this honor.He can be contacted by

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