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Donald Trump (Donald Trump) spoke in Washington, DC in 2011.

On Monday, the Supreme Court cleared the way for a New York grand jury to obtain the financial records of former President Donald Trump. More than four months after Trump asked them to intervene, the justice rejected the former president’s request and asked the U.S. Court of Appeals to uphold the Second Circuit’s ruling, which allowed the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance (Cyrus Vance). Vance) Mandatory summons the president’s long-term accountant Mazars USA. Monday’s order means that Vance and the grand jury may eventually obtain Trump’s eight-year tax returns and other related records, although the grand jury’s secrecy laws may prevent them from making it public.

The court order appeared in a dispute that began in 2019, when Vance issued a subpoena to Mazas as part of the state’s grand jury’s criminal investigation for violations of New York law. The investigation included an investigation into secret payments made by two women who claimed to have had relationships with Trump. The Federal District Court of New York and the Second Circuit rejected the President’s request to cancel the subpoena, prompting Trump to appeal to the Supreme Court.Justice July rule The president absolutely cannot exempt the state criminal subpoena, but they sent the case back to the lower courts to allow the president to challenge the subpoena for other reasons.

When the case was returned to the district court, the president again asked the judge to revoke the subpoena, arguing that it was a “fishing expedition” that was “malicious” to harass him. But the judge rejected the president’s claim and approved Vance’s motion to dismiss the president’s claim, prompting the president to appeal to the Second Circuit, and the court upheld the ruling.

Trump returns to the Supreme Court on October 13, 2020, He sought an urgent order to prevent the execution of the subpoena, and he asked the Supreme Court to review the Second Circuit’s ruling on the merits. Trump believes that if financial records are handed over to the Supreme Jury and Prosecutors, even if they appeal to Trump, he will be permanently damaged, because “Once confidentiality is restored, the status quo cannot be restored.” At the same time, Wan Si agreed not to execute the subpoena when Trump appealed to the justices.

Opposing the Supreme Court’s intervention, Vance emphasized that Trump has received “the “detailed” review required when the subpoena is directed against the incumbent president’s record.” Vance believes that the president’s request ultimately boils down to a plea to correct the errors claimed in the Second Circuit’s opinion-the Supreme Court usually does not do this, even if the president intervenes. Vance concluded that there was no reason to delay.

Trump submitted a summary of his response on October 19, but the justice did not act on Trump’s request for more than four months-the emergency request temporarily shelved the lower court ruling for an unusually long time.As a brief description of the “Orders for Pending Cases” section regularly scheduled on Monday Order, The court only stated that Trump’s request to block the subpoena has been rejected. The court did not explain the reasons for the delay in acting on Trump’s plea, nor did it indicate how the justices voted.

in a tweet The “Vance” published shortly after the court’s order appeared to praise the court’s ruling and wrote that “work continues.” Trump did not react immediately, and Trump’s Twitter account was suspended after the riot in the U.S. Capitol in early January.

This article is Originally published in Haoge Court.

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