It’s just that the US President brags about the suspect, NBD


“We sent the American Marshal. It took fifteen minutes and it was over. Fifteen minutes passed. He was caught. They knew who he was. They didn’t want to arrest him. It was over in fifteen minutes.”

That was President Trump at a rally in North Carolina yesterday Describe the shooting suspect Michael Reinoehl.

Lawyer on Twitter Withdraw in terror Trump apparently admitted that Antifa’s supporters had been shot after the shooting of far-right patriot prayer activist Aaron Danielson during the protests in Portland, Oregon on August 29. Extrajudicial execution.

Although, as an interception Point out“They” who “know who they are” and “do not want to arrest him” are likely to be local law enforcement officers in Portland. It took them a long time to compile the indictment based on actual evidence.In the taste of the president

On the other hand, Trump did tell Fox’s Jeanine Pirro believed that Reinoehl was shot as “retribution” on September 12, so he regarded this execution as a month of execution.

After two and a half days, I went out and said, “When are you going to see him?” After the American marshals entered, within a short time, they ended in a gun battle. This man was a violent criminal, and the American Marshal killed him. I will tell you something-that’s it. When you commit such a crime, there must be retribution.

Unfortunately, the current president is not a reliable narrator. He is likely to be infamous for underworld shooting, but this does not mean that this actually happened. Frankly-what can we say after four years of nonsense-the president shouted.

In fact, Reinoehl was shot by local officials represented by the US Marshal Service.There are different accounts of murder, but there are multiple witnesses tell The New York Times said that the agents did not take any actual action to arrest the suspects, did not declare themselves as police officers, but fired 37 rounds with four guns, almost no bystanders were missing, and killed within seconds. Reynolds.

Although there were initial reports that Renoel threatened to threaten the officers, it was later discovered that his gun was in his pocket when the shooting was shot. The officer claimed that he was reaching for it, but they did not record the encounter on their body camera, so we may never know.

Naturally, Barr’s Attorney General, be consistent The use of weapons at the scene proves that the police have taken any level of violence, Blessed This is a clean shot.

maybe. However, if so, it has not fallen as the President said. Because either the police go there to “retribute”, or they go to legally arrest the suspect. The president can tweet “Laws and Orders” ten times a week, but the number of executions outside the law is not high.

Trump brags about the murder of anti-fascists murdered by federal task forces in Portland [Intercept]
“Direct Gunshots”: How American Task Forces Killed Anti-French Elements [NYT]

Elizabeth Dye (@5DollarFeminist) lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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