It turns out that there is no voter fraud in Georgia. Surprise!


After the Democrats swept the ballot box in Georgia, Republican officials Race tightening The electoral law to prevent the recurrence of the so-called large-scale election fraud they claimed took place during this cycle. At the same time, Trump’s personally selected Peach State fraud saboteurs, acting U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine for the Northern District of Northern Georgia, privately admitted to his staff, in fact There is no fraud at all. bad!

Christine said in a conference call with a lawyer at the North District Office on Monday: “Frankly, just watching TV, you would think that election cases are stacked from floor to ceiling.” Atlanta Constitution Magazine. “I am happy to find out that this is not the case, but I don’t know how to come in.”

Why he didn’t know exactly why it appeared is unclear-the governor and the secretary of state have said this for several weeks, as do the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the FBI. Does he think that officials in his state are lying about facts and legal issues that are easy to prove?

It is not clear why he did not publicly announce his findings, especially when the integrity of the vote is of such importance in the country. Did he miss all the violent uprisings carried out by people believed to have been stolen last week?

Christine explained to the office worker he had just taken over: “I would love to stand up on the corner and scream, but I can’t.” But he did not explain why it is impossible to completely avoid the public’s misunderstanding of danger. President election.Bill Barr can come out Public statement There was no rampant fraud, and nothing bad happened… Oh, yes, yes, Have that.

Last week, President Trump suddenly pushed Byung J. “BJay” Pak away from the U.S. Attorney in Northern Georgia and replaced him with Bobby Christine, the U.S. Attorney in Southern Georgia. Only a few hours after the infamous phone call, the President pressured the Secretary of State to ask Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes, more than us.” and called Parker “You from An American lawyer who has not worked as a scammer in the United States”, Parker sent an e-mail to his colleague, announcing that his plan to resign on January 20 was criticized due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

according to Wall Street JournalThe “unforeseeable situation” is that the president is very angry and he will not arrest anyone for election fraud.

At the request of the White House, a senior Justice Department official called Byung J. Pak, the U.S. Attorney appointed by Trump, late at night on January 3. The official said Trump was angry that he had nothing to do with the investigation. People familiar with the matter said that this was an election fraud and the president wanted to fire Mr. Park.

Christine’s task to bypass the first assistant Kurt Erskine is “According to the President’s written order“To run two offices at the same time, prompt Doubts about these pages In other places, corruption is taking place. Indeed, Christine showed up within two days, and only two election lawyers arrived from his own smaller office and an outside lawyer with experience in public corruption prosecutions.

“Mr. Against the background of the White House’s insistence on prosecuting the alleged election crimes, Park Bai was forced to resign and then curiously appointed an outsider who immediately brought election prosecutors from outside the area, all of which can be drawn A new inference is that new immigrants are willing to seek troubles that are enough to cause Mr. Bai to resign,” John Horn, a former American lawyer in the Northern District of Georgia, told The Washington Post Washington post.

“I am not here as an election lawyer. I am not here for this purpose.” Although Christine met with the FBI, GBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on his first day in Atlanta. Review the office’s handling of election cases, but he happily assured the lawyer on the conference call.

When asked why Erskine was not allowed to take over (as usual), Christine objected, “I don’t think this is a question I want to discuss. Thank you for your request; I sympathize with why you raised this question, but I don’t This will be discussed.” Without a doubt, this reassures the staff lawyers that they suspect that between Monday and the time when Joe Biden manages to make someone competent in the northern and southern parts of Georgia is a catastrophe.

TL, DR? Just because the coup did not work, it does not mean that it is not as corrupt as hell.

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American lawyers in Georgia: “No comment” on allegations of election fraud [WaPo]

Elizabeth Dye She lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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