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Law school is often portrayed as a time when people need to focus on their studies and cannot play with their classmates.Movies like this reinforce this perception Paper chase, The picture depicts that law students buried in their studies have almost no opportunity to relax and play. However, law school can be an excellent time to enjoy entertainment and socializing (of course, when law students are not responding to a pandemic). This kind of social connection is very useful for the future careers of law students, and in some cases it is more helpful than some of the information they learn in law school classes.

Since my law school classmates will get in touch from first-hand experience, I am very committed to studying in law school. I hope I am not qualified to be a “gunner” because I did not definitely show off in class (and as an intermediate student, I have no right to participate) or play an active role in class discussions. However, I spend most of my time studying in law school, outlining, reviewing notes and completing assignments. I lived in the on-campus accommodation for three years in law school, which is very helpful for social interaction. However, if nothing happens on campus, I rarely go out to socialize with classmates.

My law school has an amazing social scene, partly sponsored by the Student Lawyers Association, partly the result of organic social interaction. My law school regularly organizes very interesting “bar review” activities in the District of Columbia. I participated in some of these outings (even taking the last subway in the dead of night many times!). This school also held events like the wind and rain on Wednesday. In the public areas of the campus, they would drink wine and a barrel of beer. On such days, everyone would socialize and socialize. I have participated in many such activities because I want to get free food and drinks, and these activities are easy to reach.

However, I did not prioritize social activities to a large extent, and in most cases in law school I kept in touch with a dense group of friends. I don’t think it is necessary to actively socialize and meet as many people as possible in law school, so I didn’t put too much energy into socializing and making connections. I thought that getting good grades would be a way for me to make full use of law school, and I spent most of my time and energy on studying as a law school student.

However, since I have been engaged in legal work for nearly ten years, I have found that social relations with other lawyers are very important to a lawyer’s profession. Grades are important for your first job after graduating from law school, and may play a role in future recruitment. However, as your career develops, the importance of grades to employers decreases, because you have a large number of jobs, and employers can evaluate your lawyer business based on these jobs. However, social relationships (such as friendships established in law school) can play a role in hiring decisions because people can “speak good things” for you and help you increase your chances of being hired.

After I founded my own law firm a few years ago, I further realized that social relationships, such as the bonds established in law school, are very important for the development of legal practice. For almost every lawyer who wants to succeed in private practice, business development is essential. Initiating clients is important for considering partners as partners, and perhaps even more important for practitioners in small companies who rely more on business development to make money. Of course, individuals can participate in social events, publish articles, or conduct other activities to make their name famous and connect with potential customers.

However, clients are more likely to trust lawyers they have known for many years than people they read online or don’t know much about. Other lawyers may be a good source of recommendations, because lawyers often need to refer to issues they do not have experience. Law school is one of the best times in your life to interact with many future lawyers. After entering legal practice, this type of contact is very important for your referral network. Indeed, I often receive recommendations from people I have been to law school, and make sure to recommend things to people I know at law school, because I have known these lawyers for many years and believe that they are outstanding practicing lawyers. However, if I have more social activities in law school, I may connect with more lawyers who can join my referral network.

All in all, law students should not be so focused on their studies that they cannot have fun with their peers in the process of pursuing legal education. Unlike the portrayals in movies and TV shows, law school can be a very interesting time, especially when compared to the tedious work of working in certain law firms later in your career. In addition, attending parties at law school and finding other ways to connect with classmates can help you in your future career development, rather than learning a lot of information from the law major. Therefore, once the social life of law schools is seriously restored after the pandemic, I hope people can think of the fact that they can-and indeed should-have parties and have more fun at law schools.

Jordan Rothman is a partner of… Rothman Law Firm, Is a full-service New York and New Jersey law firm.He too Student Debt Diary, A website that discusses how he pays off his student loans. You can contact Jordan via the following email: jordan@rothmanlawyer.com.

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