Hitler Patriotic House rioters now want to go home


“I’m not saying that Hitler did nothing wrong, but did he do anything wrong?” Capitol thug Timothy Hale-Cusinelli felt in the February 2020 podcast strange. After January 6, he removed the person from YouTube and tried to delete photos of him with a unique beard from his phone.

But he could not delete his colleagues’ memories of his participation in LARPing as a Nazi. Ditto is used to asking whether all new employees are Jewish.

Thirty-three of Hale Cucinelli’s colleagues told the FBI on oath that he was a tenacious anti-Semitic white supremacist and he promised to resign as “honorable.” Although stubborn opinion is not illegal, it may contribute to the argument that inciting race wars and overthrowing the federal government is the furthest away from Hale-Cininelli’s ideas because he commanded around the Capitol Among the protesters.

Hale-Cusinelli is one of the security contractors for the U.S. Army Reserve and Naval Weapons Station Earle. He admitted to the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigation Bureau that he was on January 6th. Reach the Capitol to prevent Congress from proving President Biden’s election victory. An FBI informant recorded him, recording the “adrenaline, impatience, purpose” he felt during the invasion, and regretted that there were no more “patriots” to take over Congress.

The defendant stated that the outbreak of the civil war “along the guerrilla line” was only “a matter of time”, but “they” did not want to shoot because all guns and resources were in the hands of the Republicans, who accounted for 70% of the total army. The defendant then said that if there is a civil war, “New York and California will not win, but good boys from the Midwest, Texas and Arkansas.” The defendant told CHS that he “really hopes” that there will be a civil war. When CHS interrupted and said “but many people will die,” the defendant replied: “Thomas Jefferson said that the blood of patriots and tyrants should be used to refresh the tree of freedom.”

A kind letter The boss filed a lawsuit with the court, saying that Hal Cousinelli was a standing person and not a racist at all, because the person’s testimony to the FBI stated that he must tell the defendant not to show this at work. Racist bastard, this does not contradict racists. .

Moreover, Hale-Cusinelli wanted to be taken care of by someone arrested with him in 2010. He was “using a’potato gun’ made of PVC pipe in Howell, New Jersey ( Frozen corn was shot in the house of Howell. The “potato gun” is engraved with the words “White is correct” and a Confederate flag.” In addition, he hopes to be supervised by a female friend who seems to be pretending to be Hale -False letter from director Cusinelli, and spent a lot of time taking selfies in Hitler’s role-playing and planning to destroy evidence.

The surprising change that the defendant’s lawyer was forced to make to the court records on March 2 is indeed the most important thing.

A family member made a statement saying that the defendant should perform military service, but what caught the lawyer’s attention was that this was a false statement and was not accurate. The defendant submitted this correction to the court.

Made a mistake.

Maybe this is a strategic error boast He may not intend to commit a crime on January 6, because he was “worn in a suit and tie at the time” and the government Claim “Before his arrest, he hid the suit and tie he was wearing in the Capitol in an undisclosed location; then he and [the FBI informant] He intends to destroy more evidence to avoid his arrest. “

It remains to be seen whether this will persuade the court to overthrow the magistrate and order Hale Cousinelli in custody during the trial. The government urges U.S. District Court Judge Trevor N. McFadden to follow the precedent set by federal judges Howell, Lambert, and Kelly in Washington, D.C., and to make the invasion of the Capitol similar. The other crimes are inherently treated differently.

Judge McFadden will agree with his fellow Trump-appointed Judge Thomas Kelly (Thomas Kelly) that he vetoed the case of the “Proud Boy Dominic” when the magistrate called the January 6 incident as “The only attack on the crown jewel of our country is the peaceful transfer of power.” Pezzola was detained?

We will conduct an investigation on March 23, when Hale-Cusinelli will determine at the next hearing whether he is participating in the Nazi movement at home or as a guest of the federal government.

United States v. Hal Casanelli (1:21-cr-00037) [Docket via Court Listener]

Elizabeth Dye She lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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