Giuliani gains a strong foothold by avoiding Process Server


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Lord, but these self-styled warriors sniff out when they are not posing for the camera. It turns out that not only Sidney Powell (Sidney Powell) has difficulty welcoming Dominion Voting Systems to welcome this suit, Avoid process server. The mayor of the United States also did his best to prevent his father from being slandered for allegedly slandering $1.3 billion.

New York Daily News According to the report, Dominion spent a whole week chasing the president’s lawyer, which made YouTube rant and let him accept their notice of the lawsuit:

On February 7, during a severe winter storm, a pair of process servers and Giuliani fell into an awkward deadlock. That morning, the doorman of the building waved to the Ford Explorer SUV parked on the street. Giuliani took the passenger seat and closed the SUV door. The process server rushed forward with a file bag full of documents.

“This is not the way it should be done. According to the accounts, Julianne said you should go to my office. The lawsuit was filed between the doors of the SUV.

The guard intervened and pierced the umbrella into the SUV door. The driver and the guard pulled the bags of legal documents and asked Giuliani to close the SUV door. The processing server left the bag in front of the Giuliani building, and the guard locked it again.

The maintainer threw the notice of Dominion clothes into the trash can, but the process server dug up the clothes from the last remains of Rudy Giuliani’s dignity and managed to persuade the podcast’s assistant to accept it on February 10.

Thomas Clare, a lawyer for the Dominion, confirmed this statement, saying that the former federal prosecutor did his best to throw a wrench in the lawsuit he should have been welcome.

“After not responding to the request to give up the service, Mr. Giuliani avoided personal service for nearly a week. Before we successfully provided services to Mr. Giuliani on February 10, we made countless attempts in his home and office.” He said. “Mr. Daniel Giuliani has repeatedly caused incalculable damage to the false claims of the Dominion. This process of service is another step in our pursuit of justice.”

It took several weeks for Giuliani’s famous clients to become familiar with this strategy Refuse to accept service E. Jean Carroll in a defamation lawsuit in the White House or New York. This is a far cry from Giuliani’s exaggerated statement two weeks ago, when he claimed to be happy with the upcoming legal proceedings.

“Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against $1.3B will allow me to fully investigate their history, finances and practices,” he Say Issued a statement on January 25. “Obviously, the asking price is to frighten the fainthearted.”

There is nothing like throwing your body behind a clumsy porter man and saying “brave”.

“The eradication and censorship of the exercise of freedom of speech by hateful left-wing organizations and the ability of lawyers to vigorously defend their clients is another act of intimidation. Therefore, we will investigate counterclaims against them for violating these constitutional rights.” He continued, It is not clear which constitutional rights he refers to. (Spoiler alert: No countersuit has been filed yet.)

Giuliani added in his podcast: “We will have a fight, a real fight, and through the fight, I don’t mean, nor do I mean any violent speech. I fight in court. , You know? This is what I always mean when I talk about fighting. We fight in court. We fight in the debate hall. I got good results in court. And I’m a damn good investigator.”

How was Giuliani’s last appearance in court?

Ah yes.

Well, Mr. Mayor, good luck to you!

Rudy Giuliani tries to dodge with a $1B Dominion Voting Systems suit [NY Daily News]

Elizabeth Dye Lives in Baltimore, where she writes articles about law and politics.

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