Ginni Thomas-yes, Clarence’s wife-did something to support the siege of the capital


(Photo courtesy of Gerald Martineau/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Oh boy. We are all still trying to unravel what happened when the right-wing fanatics attacked the Capitol last Wednesday.participant Being recognized, Consequences are taking place with Under arrest.

January 6 will be a gloomy day in our history. As I said before, there is a lot to blame and it is important to know exactly who did what. Just like Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, expressed her “love” to the demonstrators hours before the violent uprising. (A few days later, she revised the post and added “[Note: written before violence in US Capitol]. “)

On slate, Mark Joseph Stern (Mark Joseph Stern) detailed Ginni Thomas (Ginni Thomas) support for the mob.Ginni has long been Active politicsy (she is fine Hire the controversial right Known for saying “I hate black people”. She currently runs a conservative advocacy group. Since Trump’s tenure, She has been seeking to organize around his agenda.

As Stern pointed out, although his wife’s political views are exaggerated, Clarence Thomas has never backed down in any case involving her issues and gained the benefit of supporting Trump.

In turn, Trump rewarded Thomas for a large number of opportunities to enter the Oval Office. Her advocacy group Groundswell Have an audience Meet the president in early 2019. According to the New York Times, The meeting was arranged after Clarence and Genie Thomas had dinner with Trump. (Clarence Thomas and Trump seem to be very friendly: the justice brought his clerk to Encounter At least once with the president of the Oval Office; in the White House, members of Groundswell lobbied Trump against transgender services in the military, which he had banned in 2017. The ban came into effect after the Supreme Court in 2019, when the Groundswell meeting was held. Lift The lower court ordered a 5 to 4 vote to stop it. (Clarence Thomas did not withdraw the lawsuit. He has never withdrawn the lawsuit because of his wife’s lobbying activities.) The New York Times also Reported Ginni Thomas compiled a list of federal employees who she believed were insufficiently loyal to the president. She sent the list to Trump, urging him to fire those disloyal employees, even though he seemed to know nothing about her.But he has Piling up his government With the former Thomas clerk.

But this is nothing new, please remember that there are no hard and fast rules regarding the withdrawal of SCOTUS.Indeed, Thomas refused to withdraw his appeal in the ACA case Although Ginni is firmly opposed and committed to fighting the law.

What Ginni actually did was bad enough, but there are also rumors on social media that Ginni Thomas funded more than 80 buses to bring the mob to the Capitol.However, the rumors Far from being 100% accurate.In fact, this seems to be wrong (and also Detective by Mark Joseph Stern), but combined with her previous combination with the American Turning Point Association (she once served on its advisory board), and Charlie Kirk’s claim that the group and a related group sent more than 80 buses to the Capitol .

Although she did not directly pay the people who participated in the event, her support for their actions is still significant.

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