Delta Air Lines flew to a major league baseball game without encountering any Dihad Trump supporters: travel paradise?


No one has ever met a white guy wearing a red MAGA hat, then walked away and thought, What an attractive man!

That being the case, for purely selfish reasons, I hope the rest of Donald Trump’s supporters will accept His recent homophonic explosion Seriously boycott Delta Airlines, Major League Baseball and I want Coca-Cola. I have no particular problems with any of these companies.On the contrary, I already know Fly delta, Of course I participate in the occasional Major League Baseball games, and I prefer Cherry Coke.

But can you imagine flying and knowing some screams in advance that the red-faced baby boomer will not tolerate the boarding line so that he can discuss the airline’s mask policy with the stewardess? Or sitting in the pleasant spring breeze, watching the American pastime, maybe a Coke, there is no chance for all the people to start chanting “America!”. Is there no particular reason? sounds good.

If you need more background knowledge here, please know that for many Christian denominations, Easter is the most important holiday of the year. Therefore, considering his popularity and white evangelical denomination, there may be something behind Donald Trump’s choice to launch a hateful mock tweet on Easter weekend to promote his campaign lies and trash Delta Air Lines, Major League Baseball Major League, and Coca-Cola are perverse logic.

Trump asked his supporters to boycott many other companies, But I won’t list them all. Who can track it? The number of companies Trump has asked his supporters to boycott has now reached dozens, although his previous boycott request does not seem to have done anything (I am very confident that most Trump supporters will not be ready. Every time. Each purchase can access dozens of large and complex corporate entities, and the help each entity may have in producing any given product). Of course, it is ironic to complain about the “abolition of work culture” in the statement calling for boycotts, which is also lost in Trump.

Trump’s problem with these organizations is They joined a group of more than 100 companies and publicly condemned Georgia’s heinous new voter suppression laws.Republican state lawmakers scolded the Democratic Party’s recent victory in Georgia. Among other things, The law shortens the time that voters have to ask to vote in absentia, Convenient ways to reduce or eliminate voter ballot boxes, such as drop boxes and mobile voting centers, expand early voting in more rural communities rather than in more urban communities (oh, who’s the goal I guess?), and Make it a crime to provide food or water to people waiting in line to vote.Famous villain Mitch McConnell also spoke out against opposing the suppression of voters, which would bring “serious consequences” to the company, Although it is not clear how he intends to threaten from the new position of minority leader in the Senate.

To recap, Trump told his supporters that they are good guys to boycott the company because the two companies said that it is illegal to open a bottle of water to someone when they line up to vote in the hot Georgia sun. Is very bad. Anyone who truly believes that this will be a flying nightmare.

You know, I have managed to keep in touch with a few friends who Trump supports (they must not read my column). However, if you just throw dice at a stranger in public, then you will have to endure a few hours of personal experience, then I would be happy to get higher odds in the case of severe boycotts and truly commit to special A supporter of Lampe. So go, trumpeter! As things happen again, let our liberals really benefit: don’t go to a baseball game all summer! In fact, people are saying that the ice cream shop, the zoo, and the bar in front of the balcony I like are all really awake. It is best to avoid them just in case.

Jonathan Wolf (Jonathan Wolf) is a civil litigant and also the ” Your debt-free Jingdong (Affiliate link). He taught legal writing, wrote articles for various publications, and made his career and the pleasure of obtaining financial and scientific knowledge an honor. Any opinions expressed by him may be pure gold, but they are only his own opinions and should not be attributed to any organization to which he belongs. In any case, he did not want to share this honor.He can be contacted by

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